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Homepage | H1N1 Influenza Resources
General Resources

CDC Human Swine Flu Investigation - information about the CDC's invesigation into Swine Flu and current human case totals by state.

CDC Swine Flu - Key Fact - a fact page on Swine Flu.

CDC Swine Flu Video - Dr. Joe Bresee, with the CDC Influenza Division, describes Swine Flu symptoms and warning signs.

HHS - U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Pandemic Flu Phases Chart - WHO currently has the pandemic flu alert level set at 4 - government website covering flu outbreaks.

Swine Flu podcast - The CDC's Dr. Bresee describes Swine Flu's signs and symptoms.

Swine Influenza and You - another CDC's Swine Flu faq page.

USDA's Swine Flu section - information about H1N1 and the agriculture and pork industry.

WebMD Swine Flu FAQ - answers to some commonly asked questions from WebMD.

WHO Swine Influenza Site - World Health Organization (WHO) website about the swine influenza outbreak in the U.S. and Mexico.

Maps: U.S. City and State Resources Travel Resources International Government Resources Twitter Resources;
  • @health - regular swine flu updates
  • @CDCEmergency - Official CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response Twitter
  • @birdflu - h5n1 and h1n1 news
  • @birdflugov - .U.S. Government bird and pandemic flu information.
  • @pandemicflu - coverage of H1N1/swine influenza.
  • @sanjayguptacnn - CNN's Sanja Gupta is in Mexico reporting on swine flu
  • @WHOnews - news updates from the World Health Organization (WHO)
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